Don't Forget Dates

Don't Forget Dates for the pocketPC helps you see upcoming birthdays and anniversaries. You then have time to get your presents and plan your parties. Its great for those of us who always forget until the last minute. It uses the information in your Outlook calendar and contacts to show you which annual events are coming-up ahead of time. At a glance you can see what you should be doing.

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Click here to download Don't Forget Dates. Unzip the download file and then follow the instructions in the "readme.html" file.

PocketPC 2002

If you are using PocketPC2002 you must have Service Patch 1 (SP1) installed. You should be able to obtain SP1 from your PocketPC vendors web site. Note this problem only applies to machines with very early versions of PocketPC 2002. Most machines should have this already installed.

PocketPC 2003

This program is written in Visual Basic. Microsoft in their infinite wisdom has decided not to officially support Visual Basic on PocketPC 2003 machines. Hence this program won't run on PocketPC 2003 See here for a discussion. If you try installing the Visual Basic runtime from this link and find that it works then please leave feedback on our board.


If you have comments or questions please leave them on our board.

Version information

The current version is version 1.02. This version corrects problems found when changing time zones.

Don't Forget Dates is free, but if you like it, or it saves you strife in your life you can make a donation with PayPal.

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