it's pretty
it's hypnotic
it's better than minesweeper
it's swell

Swell eases your pain when you get bored. Play with it in odd moments, when you are on the phone, when you need something pretty to meditate over. Swell creates patterns that change and disolve under your control. Lose yourself.

windows version
Download here
Screen shot

System Requirements
OS:Windows 98 (not tested), Windows ME (not tested), Windows 2000, Windows XP
DirectX: Version 7 or later (you can download DirectX here)
Graphics: 32bit colour
CPU: minimum 2GHz Pentium 4 or similar recommended for good animation

pocketPC version
Download here
Screen shot

System Requirements
OS: PocketPC 2000 (not tested), PocketPC 2002, PocketPC 2003
Graphics: 16bit colour
CPU: ARM or XSCALE (all new PocketPCs)

The current versions are for testing purposes. Please leave your comments and suggestions on our bulletin board. I am particularly keen to know if any of the configurations labelled "untested" above works.

The best way to learn about Swell is to play with its controls. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

Draw on the main display to change the pattern. You can also draw on the display when the animation is paused.


Swell has two modes of operation: "heat" and "waves". Choose the mode using the mode icons. The mode controls how the main display animates. In heat mode the colours spread out like heat spreading. In waves mode the colours vibrate and spread like waves on a pond.

slider picker (pocketPC only)

On the pocketPC set whether the slider controls the energy or the colour of the animation using icons shown above.

energy control
The main control is the energy control. In Windows this is the control on the side of the main display. On pocketPC choose the "E" icon to get the energy control. To start with watch the effects of making small adjustments to the energy around the middle of the control range.

In heat mode the energy will either make animation heat up (and eventually boil) or cool down.  If you add or remove too much energy the animation will become chaotic. If you want to change to a quiet animation again you must bring the energy back in to balance. For example, if you have had the energy turned up high then move the slider to a fairly low position and wait for the general colour of the main display to reach a mid-point on the colour scale. When this happens move the energy slider back to the middle. If the energy was turned down low follow the same process in the opposite direction.

In waves mode the energy slider controls how long the waves persist. More energy makes very strong waves. Less energy damps the system and makes the animation quickly quieten down.

colour control
The colour control adjusts the colours used to display the animation. In Windows this is the control underneath the main display. On the PocketPC choose the "colour" (three circles) icon to select the colour control.


Click this icon to pause. Click again to resume.


Click this icon to get the copyright message.

close (pocketPC only)

Click this icon to close swell