Swell for PocketPC

Start by docking your PocketPC to your PC and letting them sync-up. Leave the PocketPC docked.
Click here to download.
Choose "run" to run the file immediately, or save to disk and then run by double-clicking.
For security reasons, Windows may ask you to confirm you want to run the program. Click "Run".
Click "I Agree" to accept the license.
Choose the destination folder on your PC to unpack the files in to and click "Install".
When asked choose "yes" to install Swell in the default directory on the PocketPC.
Click "OK" then click "close".

Click "close".

Run the program on the PocketPC by going to the Start Menu, choosing "Programs" and then "Swell".

With the PocketPC docked open ActiveSync (eg double click icon in task bar).
Choose "Tools->Add/Remove Programs...".
Choose "www.pinedragon.com Swell" from the list of programs and click "Remove...".
Click OK twice.

You can manually delete the temporary files used by the installer. By default they are placed in
c:\Program Files\Pocket Swell

version information
6th Feb 2005
Alpha 2 - Version distributed for testing.

source code for programers
Swell is open source. If you are a programer and want to make use of the source code you may download the source code here.

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